Exploring Composition & Colour

Learn how to develop a well-balanced and visually interesting composition that focuses on line quality and colour. In this lesson, you will learn how to use Colour Crayons to create variation in line and intensity and how to combine them with Pastel Pencils to create finer detail.

Subtractive drawing

This lesson will also teach how to create a range of values using Sketching Crayons and Pierre Noire Pencils. Find out how how to combine different harnesses and grades of black, to create infinite variations in line, tone and intensity. Then use the eraser to create shape and contrast by removing colour in areas which are in light.

Expressive Self Portraits

The primary focus of this lesson is the expression of the face. In order to achieve a successful self portrait you will need to understand the proportions of the face as well as how to render each feature realistically. You will begin by completing several pre-assessments before starting a large expressive self portrait.